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Employee Description

Below you will find a generalized description of dental office employee roles defined by Dental Assistants of America, LLC. Please research each job description for an entire list of additional or limited practices in each state

Sterilization Technician

Dental Sterilization technicians play an intricate roll in a dental office. Dental sterilization technicians are responsible for maintaining, disinfecting and sterilizing all dental furniture and instrumentation. Sterilization technicians utilize high level disinfectants, operate and maintain autoclave sterilization machines, properly sterilize dental instrumentation by implementing OSHA guidelines, stock inventory, properly dispose of sharps and hazardous waste material, properly breakdown and disinfect operatories between patients, procedural tray set up's, run and disinfect suction traps and maintaining other  dental equipment. Sterilization technicians do not usually directly assist the dentist. 

Dental Assistants do it all! Dental Assistants are usually the "glue" that holds dental offices together. A dental assistant is  well-versed in every aspect of the clinical portion of a dental office. Dental assistants greet and seat patients, expose radiographs, four-handed chair-side assisting, mix cements, bases and liners, fabricate custom trays, coronal polishing, oral hygiene instruction, place temporary restorations, sterilization and asepsis techniques, assist with hygiene procedures, order supplies, inventory and stock. Dental assistants also play a key role in keeping treatment areas disinfected, while avoiding cross-contamination during sterilization procedures and treatment.  Dental assistants can usually maintain the main compressor by oiling or changing compressor traps. A dental assistant can update and maintain SDS reference books and maintain OSHA/HIPAA protocol. Dental assistants may prefer administrative or clinical opportunities within a dental practice.

Expanded Function Dental Assistant

Did you know the right expanded function dental assistant can actually increase your office production? Expanded functions dental assistants have received specialized training after dental assisting school. This specialized training usually involves (not limited to) the fabrication of temporary restorations, packing gingival retraction cord, taking final impressions, placing up to class II permanent restorations, placing matrix bands, placing rubber dams as well as utilizing popular dental software. The skills of an expanded function dental assistant relieve the Dentist, creating time for a high volume practice. Expanded function dental assistants usually stay chair-side with the dentist as they work in rotation. An expanded function dental assistant has also mastered all aspects of modern basic dental assisting.

Nevada Department of labor and Industries links for employers and employees. Visit for more details!

Rules to be observed by employers, PDF   

Notice affecting lie detector test

Domestic violence  victims

Domestic workers rights 

Minimum wage bulletin

Daily over time bulletin

Dental Assistants of America Las Vegas LLC is a Temporary and Permanent Dental Employment Agency Licensed by the Nevada State Labor Commissioner

Dental Hygienist have mastered preventative care and are also considered dental providers. Dental hygienist usually have an associates or bachelors degree in dental hygiene. A dental hygienist is responsible for motivating patients and encouraging optimal dental home care. A hygienist can also anesthetize the oral cavity and perform dental procedures such as scaling and root planning. The dental hygienist usually works under indirect supervision to the dentist and also plays a key role in oral hygiene instructions, sealants, utilizing an ultrasonic cavitron for calculus removal, using scalers, whitening procedures, placing sub-gingival injectable antibiotics, placing permanent class II restorations, sterilization and asepsis techniques, administer topical fluoride treatment, as well as maintaining an adequate recall schedule.

Dental Assistant

Dental Hygienist

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